4 Ways Businesses Use Social Media to Gain Customer Trust

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November 30, 2015
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4 Ways Businesses Use Social Media to Gain Customer Trust

Almost all brands in the 21st century are harnessing the power of the digital social sphere to discover ways to market to audience and gain customer trust. Building trust in the brand/customer relationship is important because without trust, relationships do not go beyond a certain point. Before getting the customers truly engaged, businesses need to first build social media dialogue that in turn leads to a trust building. Unlike traditional marketing channels, digital marketing allows brands to interact immediately and directly with their target customers. We are here to discuss 4 ways in which businesses use social media to gain trust of customers.

1. Communicate With Your Audience in a Personal and Consistent Brand Tone.

If you truly want people to trust your brand like they would trust a human being, you need to write to them in such a way that it reaches to them in a human level. Robotic and minimalistic messages done tend to have any personality, and such a feeling-less form of communication can instantly turn them off, even if they were initially interested in the brand. So the first thing you need to do is develop a brand voice for your small business, which you will use to communicate with your audience. Spend some time thinking about the key qualities about your brand that you would want to communicate through your words and tone of your writing, and practice that by implementing it through a written voice. Once established, you need to be consistent with the tone of your brand. Don’t sound casual and pesky one day and stingy and formal the next. This way your audience will get confused and ultimately lose interest in you!

2. Post Original and Unique Ideas.

Thought leadership is a key quality of trusted brands. On social media, sharing posts is quite simple, and people view it too. But doing so will lead to you becoming a new feed sharer and your identity will be lost in other brands. To earn trust and respect, post unique and original stuff to get yourself recognized as a trend-setter. Prioritize your own content. This is how small scale businesses grow into large scale entities.

3. Respond to Queries and Comments As Fast As You Can.

When a user reaches out to your brand by commenting on your post or asking you a question, it shows that he/she is interested in your brand. You need to respond to their comment and question in a timely manner as by doing so you will demonstrate that you too hear them and care about them. Make sure to write each response on a personal level if you want to gain trust. This is quite easy to do for small-scale businesses, as they have more time to respond.

4. Keep Your Audience Engaged by Creating Conversation Regularly.

Social media and businesses are two-way streets. You have to engage and connect with your audience to provide a premium service. During the early stages of small-scale businesses, never forget to ask suggestions and opinions of your audience. Allow them to have a say on your new service or product line.

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